Dylan 126 300x225 Small Boat Plans
 Minomost 8 Foot Hydro

I started building these wonderful wood boats about 20 years ago.  It started out being a great project for my son and I  and grew into a fun, fantastic hobby.  I have tried a few Boat Building Kits that worked out just fine.


I enjoyed the boat home build plans over the kits.  There is just something about crafting each individual piece from a piece of stock wood.   It also gave me a chance to pass on skills to my son and grandsons.  The pride in their faces when they make a piece that fits is worth the experience.

smallboatplans2 300x225 Small Boat Plans

The 8 Foot Hydro boat in the pictures is one my grandson and I finished this past summer.  We started out with  1/4 inch marine plywood and treated lumber.  The project took all summer due to the limited time we had for building boats.

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We got GREAT Plans from:

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They have a great price for all their plans.  I find them easy to understand and follow.  They have over 518 plans for one low price.  There are several places to purchase boat building plans but I have found these to be priced right and very easy to follow.


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Yellow Minimost

After I built a few boats from plans I decided to try my own design but, I did not know how to draw it up so everything would fit properly.  After trial and error I found a fantastic program that made that job easy.  I am following my design plans and will post pic’s when the boat building is complete.

If you are interested in designing your own boat check this  out.

3D Boat Design has been created with you in mind.  It offers you a professional, fully detailed high performance 3D Boat Design software that gives increased freedom in modeling knuckle lines, allows surfaces that contain holes and lets you build even the most complex shapes that can be created with just one surface.

I am very impressed with this  boat building and design software Get Yours Here:

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I will update with pictures  as soon as I finish the Boat I was able to design!


Captured 2007 4 11 00004 300x225 Small Boat Plans
Finished Minimost

Great Dory Plans Click Here!